Kenjutsu, the art of the sword, is the premier art of Japan. This art is for the student who desires intense physical and deep mental training. This art is not for everyone however. Initially the student begins with a bokken (wooden sword), and after achieving some proficiency, the student then progresses to shinken (live blade), which is an authentic razor-sharp Japanese sword.

Kenjutsu is a relatively modern term used to describe the art of Japanese swordsmanship. The classical term used for centuries was heiho (strategy), which implies a deeper meaning than just mastering techniques. The heiho taught at the Kyoshin Dojo is San Sai Ryu Heiho. Although the primary weapon studied in our curriculum is the katana (Japanese long sword), other weapons are studied such as wakizashi (short sword), tanto (knife), yari (spear), naginata (halberd), and jo (4-foot staff).