Modern society does not desire injuries inflicted or sustained while sparring. It was for this reason that Tanabe Tetsundo created some new training components for the modern sword student.  Master Tanabe and his following comprised of some of the most influential swordsmen in Japan called this way of thought Chanbara which loosely translates as “sword fighter.”

In Chanbara swords are made from a flexible piston assembly covered by a foam-layered outer-shell and require only the wearing a light head mask for face and eye protection. This allows participants to practice safely, fairly, free from injury, cumbersome rules and overprotective gear regardless of the differences in physique, age, or gender. This innovation in safety has caused the public to wholeheartedly embrace this new combative sport.

Chanbara has now evolved into a fun recreational pastime plus a major stress reducer for young and old alike. Chanbara is a part of the Japanese Department of Education and Recreation and is the fastest-growing combative sport in the United States, with the number of participants worldwide reaching three hundred thousand.

You will find that Chanbara will help develop and improve your endurance, speed, flexibility, balance, coordination, focus and concentration, and increases your awareness.