Personal Safety: How To Anticipate And Prevent An Attack


The chances of you being attacked in your lifetime are relatively low.  However, all it takes is one assault, one bullet, or one knife cut to change your life forever.  In order to prepare for an attack we must be willing to admit that an attack can and will occur.  To simply walk around thinking it will never happen to me will only increase the chances that we will be attacked one day.  No matter how low the chances are that you will be attacked, there is still a possibility. Remember you only have one life and one body.  Are you willing to gamble with it?

Your first line of defense against an attack consists of taking preventive measures to avoid danger whenever possible thus minimizing the possibility of an attack.  These preventive measures do not require physical strength, speed or skill.  They just require an understanding of how and where danger strikes.  Once we visualize the world realistically and accept the fact that there are impending dangers, we have armed ourselves with a prime weapon against attack.

Here are some preventive measures that you can use to anticipate and prevent an attack:

Acceptance.  Accept the fact that there are impending dangers and consider them seriously.  Operate under the assumption that it can and will happen to you.  Once you accept the possibility of danger, accept the challenge to want to do something about it.

Understand how danger strikes.  First, you must be able to identify the types of danger that might be encountered.  Develop an awareness of all the situations that can place you in danger.  Prepare yourself for all types of conditions by developing a suspicious quality.  Try not to overlook any possibility.  The more situations that you can imagine, the better prepared you will be.

Environmental Awareness.  This means having a total awareness of conditions that can either enhance or endanger your well being.  You should take into account where you live, where you work, the type of work that you do, your mode of travel, where you travel, the people you meet, surrounding conditions, and even the floor plan to your house, including furniture arrangement, etc.  You must also understand the elements and their effect on environmental conditions relating to an attack.  Climatic changes can affect your normal routine and how you might defend yourself should the need arise.  For example, rainy, muddy, or icy conditions, etc. can have an adverse effect on your efforts at personal protection.  No matter how sharp your environmental awareness may be, threats to your personal safety can still occur.  Always keep in mind that new dangers can arise.  You must be flexible in your thoughts as well as your actions.

Periodic re-examination.  This means you should conduct a periodic re-examination of present as well as new dangers.  This may give you a deeper understanding of facts that are already familiar to you as well as update you to new information.  Also, repetition of factual information helps them to become more ingrained.

Avoidance.  Avoid unnecessary or suspicious activities where danger lurks.  In order for avoidance to work you must understand environmental awareness and understand how danger strikes.

Desire, Conviction, and Will Power.  After accepting the fact that there are impending dangers, you must have the desire to want to do something about it.  Then you need to have the conviction to commence studying to prevent danger from happening to you.  You must also develop the will power to, not only complete the studying, but to keep up with the studying as well.  Only through diligent and continual study, will you acquire and maintain the skills necessary for personal protection.

The aforementioned preventive measures were written to acquaint you with logical steps to anticipate and avoid danger.  Personal protection skills are indeed necessary in today's environment.  Prepare for it now for tomorrow may be too late.  Take the attitude that it could happen to you rather than it couldn't possibly happen to me, and you'll be ready, if not to protect yourself, perhaps your loved ones or friends.