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What is Kyoshin Dōjō?

Kyoshin literally means Strong Spirit or Strong Heart, and dōjō literally means way place and refers to a place where the way of something is learned.  Together they mean �Place of training in the way of the Strong Spirit or Strong Heart.� 

We are a Traditional Martial Arts school offering several of the Martial Art Traditions.  We focus on practical martial techniques, character improvement, and increased physical fitness. Our training stresses the Seven Virtues: Honor, Loyalty, Self-discipline, Integrity, Perseverance, Courtesy, and Indomitable Spirit.

A strong mind, a healthy body, a high moral character, and an ability to defend oneself are our goals. At the heart of our teaching are the techniques and principles of San Sai Ryu which means �Three Element Tradition.�  

We offer instruction in multiple disciplines. Please visit out Curriculum Page for more information.


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